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On New Year's Eve, Aaliyah Boyer was at her Grandfather's home in Elkton, Maryland. She walked outside to watch fireworks. A bullet struck her in the head. The bullet came from a gun user (police believe blocks away) celebrating New Years by shooting bullets into the air. Aaliyah Boyer died on Jan 3rd, 2013. The shooter is still unknown.

Multiple organs from Aaliyah were donated to save other children.


Update 3/1/2013: Law Enforcement says the bullet that came from the gun that killed Alliyah Boyer was from an AK47 Rifle.

The police say they will have a hard time capturing the shooter since most of these firearms are not registered. If anyone knows who pulled the trigger, please let local police know. If you are the shooter, the family of Aaliyah Boyer knows it was an accident yet will not rest until you come forward. Please contact local police enforcement to turn yourself in. Do the right thing!

Aaliyah Boyer

8/27/2002 to 1/3/2013

Cease celebratory gun fire! This causes too many deaths, including kids. Call it Aailyah's Law, after Aailyah Boyer!

Aailyah Boyer was a ten year old little girl that was killed on New Year's Eve, when celebratory gun fire was shot off at midnight. The shot was fired in the air and the bullet came in a freak accident and killed this poor little girl. Common sense says, 'what goes up, must come down'. PLEASE don't allow this to happen to your child!!! Aailyah's Law needs to be passed!!!

Update: 3/1/2013

The petetion did not have enough signatures at the federal level. Yet, there were almost 700 signatures. We will be taking this to the state level. We thank everyone for your support!!!!!!!





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